East Bay Innovation Academy: 

Two Oakland parents and business leaders wanted to create a STEM based school that would prepare students to work in a 21st century economy. Elana designed the school model, wrote and defended the charter, was instrumental in hiring the school leader, and wrote their curriculum maps. EBIA will open in Fall of 2014 and Elana remains on the advisory board. 

Texas Education Authority:

Elana co-wrote the new teacher standards for the state of Texas, based upon input and feedback from a committee of experts from around the state and research-based best practices from across the nation.  

Syracuse City School District:

Cross & Joftus was hired to do an HR redesign in Syracuse, a low-performing urban district. Elana was an instrumental member of a team that redesigned the teacher and leader recruiting and selection process, leading the design of the tools and rubrics for selection, soliciting input from staff and leading training sessions for the new tools and process. 

Ryan Nece Foundation:

As part of their social service program, the foundation wanted to consistently implement their program and find a way to measure its success. Elana designed and created the curriculum, including all of the assessments.

Hillsborough County School District:

Elana was a member of the Cross & Joftus team that designed the selection process and tools as well as the curriculum for the leadership pipeline, from creating teacher leaders to preparing new principals. She also led several training sessions on the new selection process.

Winning Play$:

Stacey Tisdale, a reporter for PBS, created a program to teach female high school students and students of color how to take charge of their personal finances. In order to implement the program in schools, Elana designed the curriculum, wrote all of the lesson plans and assessments, and aligned everything to the Common Core. The program includes lessons on investigating your financial values and "hang-ups," setting goals, budgeting, saving, investing, insurance, and paying for college.