"Elana is one of the finest educators that I have worked with. She is exceptional for many reasons, but mostly due to her incredible work ethic, her ability to collaborate with her peers, her leadership skills, and her skill-set for delivering professional development for adults. I trust her completely. Even amongst a group of high achieving, type-A Stanford graduates, Elana stood out as one of the most efficient and hard working faculty members on staff. She is truly a ‘can’t miss’ hire for any organization."

–Todd Dickson, Founder and CEO of Valor Collegiate Academies, former Executive Director of Summit Prep

"In my work, I employ and interact with a number of education consultants and Elana is by far one of the best. She has an deep understanding of effective instruction and pedagogy, an excellent eye for identifying and describing practices that will help adults move student achievement, and is able to balance competing priorities by consistently delivering a high-quality product quickly and on deadline. Elana also has great problem solving skills and is able to multi-task and work in climates of uncertainty, changing course as needed to meet clients' needs."

–Christina Legg Greenberg,

CEO of Edgility Consulting

"Elana serves as a critical member of our charter school's founding team — as parents with a vision and strong corporate experience, we realized quickly that we needed a expert that could translate our vision into a cohesive educational model for our petition. Elana understands which practices work and which don't. She pushes back when things don't make sense, and finds a way to bring disparate ideas to together into a cohesive model that reflects research based best practices and education code requirements. She moves from big picture, high-level strategy to tactics without missing a detail. Drawing on her charter school and school reform network, Elana connected us several people who were really helpful and impactful to our work. Lastly, Elana participated in the "assessment of fitness" interviews with our local school district and was the definition of grace under pressure. I can't recommend Elana highly enough as a designer, operations expert, and coach."

–Shelley Benning, co-founder of East Bay Innovation Academy and Director at Kaiser Permanente

"Elana was my go-to for advice on an issue or when I needed help getting something done quickly. She held our students and faculty to an incredibly high standard and was extremely supportive in getting us all to meet that standard. She is extremely efficient, a great coach for teachers and manages people well."

–Maura Dudley, Consultant

and former Summit Public Schools Math Teacher