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To work together to create innovative, engaging schools which best prepare students for every part of their educational journey and beyond.

My Approach

I take a holistic approach to school improvement and design, including most aspects of starting and running a school, in order to help improve outcomes for all students. I view change from a social justice and equity angle, believing that all schools don’t always work for every student, especially when it comes to preparation for college and/or career success.  


With my extensive knowledge of innovative models and strategies both nationally and internationally, I am able to bring fresh ideas to school planning and design, and make concrete suggestions of schools to visit and best practices to use.  


When working with you, I’ll often ask these questions: 

  • If you could wave a magic wand, what would the future of your school look and feel like? 

  • How can we improve your school for ALL students, particularly the most marginalized and at-risk students?



Christina Legg Greenberg


CEO of Edgility Consulting

In my work, I employ and interact with a number of education consultants and Elana is by far one of the best.

Todd Dickson


Founder and CEO of Valor Collegiate Academies 

Elana is one of the finest educators that I have worked with. She is truly a ‘can’t miss’ hire for any organization.


Shelley Benning 


Co-founder of East Bay Innovation Academy

Drawing on her charter school and school reform network, Elana connected us to several people who were really helpful and impactful to our work.

Let's work together.


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