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Coaching & Resources

With 10+ years of consulting experience, we offer services for consultants just starting out. 


We can help you figure out where to start, point you to resources, set goals and answer your burning questions.  

C3 Consultant Competencies

Not sure where to start? In rubric form, the C3 Consultant Competencies contains the skills and knowledge you need to be a successful consultant. It is meant to help you review skills and knowledge, set goals for yourself, and evolve your practice.   


Power Hour: One Hour Introductory Coaching Session

Have burning questions? Need some help with the basics? Power Hours are offered at a reduced rate.  Schedule here. 


New Consultant Starter Package

Need more help? Want resources? The New Consultant Starter Package includes a Power Hour of coaching, the C3 Competencies and key resources for new consultants.  Schedule time here.


New Consultant Bundle

Want even more help? The New Consultant Bundle includes two hours of coaching, the C3 Competencies, and even more resources. Schedule time here.

Let's Work Together

Schedule time with us today!

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