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Elana has 25 years of experience in education, social enterprise, and technology.  She has worked with district and charter schools, educational technology companies, and other social enterprise and educational organizations.  Her consulting practice focuses on designing and redesigning schools to be innovative, and more equitable and anti-racist, in order to prepare all students to succeed in a global workplace.  She has additional expertise in curriculum and instruction (particularly personalized learning and project based learning), multilingual learners, social-emotional learning, and executive coaching.  Elana has designed and launched (or expanded) 10+ schools and coached 30+ teachers, school leaders, and entrepreneurs.  When project managing and leading launches or supporting leaders, she is involved in every aspect of the work, including design, operations, talent and hiring, governance, and programs. She has also designed and facilitated workshops on entrepreneurship and consulting and created the Core Consulting Competencies program, detailing the information and strategies that new consultants and entrepreneurs need to know to be successful. 

Prior to her work in education, Elana spent four years in technology start-ups. She began her teaching career as an Americorps member in the Harlem Children’s Zone, then taught history at San Mateo High School, then was a history teacher and school leader at Summit Public Schools.


Elana has an M.A. and a teaching credential from Stanford University and a  B.A in Political Science from Barnard College, Columbia University.  


When not creating the schools of the future, Elana can be found: running, patiently working on her meditation practice, visiting foreign lands, listening to live music, and volunteering to support local politics. 


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